Chung Tai Zen Center

Sopher Sparn Architects are pleased to announce our newest On the Boards project – The Chung Tai Zen Center. The Boulder County Planning Commission recently approved this 25,000 SF Buddhist Meditation Center, which will consist of a main sanctuary building and associated residential monastery developed on a beautiful rural, 35-acre site in east Boulder.

The property’s quiet and rural farm character is the ideal calm atmosphere for meditation practice and Buddhist instruction, which teaches people purity of mind and a caring, fulfilling way of life that is in harmony with the environment.  This facility is expected to be Net Zero Energy, meaning it will produce more energy than it uses. Other sustainable impacts will be to protect existing wetlands and enhance its current ecology. The intention for the center’s design encourages mindfulness and incorporates an intentional relationship with the landscape.

In Construction Documents Phase
Location : Boulder, Colorado
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