On the Boards: Creek House

On the Boards: Creek House

We’re excited to add a new custom home to our On the Boards projects this month. Located next to a trickling creek in Boulder, Creek House is tucked quietly into the trees, surrounded by the wild and natural landscape of its complex site. Its treehouse-like form is simple, elegant and modern and caters to the solitude and tranquility of this beautiful site. The opening in the roof not only lets in sunlight during the day, but also offers a glimpse to the stars at night. Even the rooftop deck acts as a viewing platform to the star gazing enthusiast. Below are sketches and models we’ve done to really visualize and plan this design.

Sketching is a great way to get your thoughts and ideas on paper, even before you start designing digitally. Here you can see the designer’s first basic shapes and layout of this home.

Here is virtual model showing the home and how it sits on the terrain and landscape of the site.

Have you ever wanted to live in a tree house? Creek House is tucked inside the trees, surround by its natural foliage and trickling creek. It’s the perfect, modern hideaway.

Creek House also features a second floor viewing platform that caters to nightly star gazing.

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