Month of Modern – Modern Habitat Exhibit

Month of Modern – Modern Habitat Exhibit

The month of September is known as Month of Modern here in Boulder. Around town you’ll find numerous events that ignite the conversation about modern architecture, design, lifestyle, art and culture. Sopher Sparn Architects is excited to be a part of one of the exhibits this year. We were invited, along with other architecture firms, artists and designers, to submit a piece for Moderm Habitat. On display until October 13th at the Dairy Arts Center, this exhibit is inspired and informed by architectural practices, modern living situations and shared experiences. It highlights the process behind building forms and structures for people to live in and explores personal decisions and societal norms that work to define a modern habitat.

Sopher Sparn Architects is honored to have been the architect through the Dairy Arts Center’s evolving development over the past 22 years.  Since the beginning, we’ve been inspired by the abundance of talented and expressive artists and dancers who frequent the Dairy Arts Center.  The shapes and forms of The Dairy building were inspired by the graceful movement of these artists — smooth, balanced and fluid. Our piece in Modern Habitat is called Evolving Journey and our inspiration for our display is to create an exhibition that honors the Dairy Arts Center and provides insight into Sopher Sparn Architects’ design process and architecture.

The birch plywood structure is patterned after the curves of the Dairy.  The first panel is a direct reflection of the Dairy’s curved elevation.  The subsequent panels were designed to parametrically transform into multiple shapes. Harnessing today’s CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) technology we created a flat packed exhibition that shows our commitment to use of efficient use of materials and innovative assembly methods. Ultimately, the exhibit represents our desire to continually evolve our firm to align with the needs of a modern society. Our practice is guided by the following design values: Community, Innovation, Sustainability, Technology. Through these values Sopher Sparn Architects strives to create architecture that stands the test of time.

We hope you’ll stop by to see Modern Habitat. It runs until October 13th, 2019. For more information on the exhibit and the Dairy Arts Center, visit

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