Meet the New Folks!

Meet the New Folks!

Over the last few months, Sopher Sparn’s team has grown! We are excited to introduce four new members who each impact our firm in essential and unique ways.









Katsia Lord, Senior Architect

Home State: California

Design Inspirations: “I love Japanese modern architecture. The level of detail and simple elegance. They think about design all the way through. Their level of craftsmanship is amazing.”

Hobbies: Yoga, hiking, camping, woodworking, glass making, spending time with her Golden Doodle, Namaste

Bucket list travel destinations: Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Portugal, Germany and Africa

Current projects: SPARK Ciclo and SPARK Railyards

Why she’s awesome: Katsia brings her expertise in construction administration and project management in the commercial, institutional and senior housing areas. She’s our go-to for all things  Quality Assurance. We love her drive to keep finding ways to better clients, improve processes and overall make Sopher Sparn the strongest firm it can be.

Ryan Goold, Architectural Designer

Home State: Michigan

Education: Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Michigan

Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, camping, woodworking, live music

Why he wanted to be an Architect:  “I want to leave my mark on the built environment and contribute to the growing agency of architects in the industry through sustainability, research, and innovation.”

Most inspirational architect: Renzo Piano for his unconventional approach to conventional buildings, and Philippe Block for his innovative research using traditional materials like concrete.

Why he’s awesome: Ryan brings his entrepreneurial spirit, a drive for innovation, and a slew of technical and graphical skills to Sopher Sparn. We love his fresh outlook and the new ideas he brings to the table. That’s why he’s a great addition at our new Denver office. Plus, his pup Dezi is pretty cute too!

Olivia Collier, Architectural Designer

Home State: Georgia

Education: Bachelor’s in Architecture from  Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)

Hobbies: the outdoors, camping and hiking

First Architectural Inspiration: Guggenheim Museum in New York City

Career Plan: Headed to University of Colorado, Denver for a Masters in Architecture in Fall 2019

Why she’s awesome: Olivia has designer in her blood (Dad’s an architect; Mom is a contemporary art museum curator), so there’s no wonder why she’s got such a creative eye. We love her enthusiasm for architecture and how she comes ready to soak every little thing up. Her project support has been extremely helpful to project managers and architects. She’s got such a desire to learn!

Sara Taketatsu, Architectural Intern

Home State: Colorado

Education: Currently enrolled at the University of Colorado, Boulder pursuing a Bachelor’s in Environment Design (ENVD)

Hobbies: running, hiking, baking

Extracurriculars: Peer mentor coordinator for the ENVD program and a member of Designers Without Borders. Last year, she served as President for AIA Student Chapter.

Career Goals: Sara wants to be a licensed architect with a focus on planning. Sara is currently applying for grad schools.

Why she wants to be an architect: “I want to inspire people with my designs. We owe it to the people and community to create well-designed, healthy environments.”

Why she’s awesome: Sara is go-getter, eager and hard working. Between school, her outside involvements and this internship, we’re not sure how she does it! She’s rocking team support and steps in to help anywhere she can.


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