Meet Jacob Schneck

Meet Jacob Schneck

Jacob (Jake) Schneck  joined the Sopher Sparn team this summer as an Architect. He’s a super friendly dude and is a great team player. He’s great at thinking outside the box and coming up with new, creative ideas.

Jake lives in Arvada with his wife and baby daughter who was born in July (We can’t wait to meet Baby Amelia)! Keep reading to find out what inspires him and other fun facts.

Home State: Pennsylvania

Education: Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University

Design Inspiration: Having grown up in a farmhouse from the 1800s, he likes simple forms and clean lines.

What he does for fun: Outdoor and mountain activities like skiing. Traveling. Jake and his wife recently went to Morocco and India. He also likes building things such as a new fence, picnic table and trellis for his new home.

Current Projects: Chung Tai Zen Center

Favorite Designers: Olson Kundig and Snohetta

Why he loves being an architect: “I want to make the world a better, and more beautiful place. I love the challenge to make architecture functional and a work of art.”

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