Inside Mod 7

Inside Mod 7

Our clients moved into their new custom home right before summer kicked off. Since then, they’ve been enjoying the modern, simple and well-designed home. Unique accents include a family deck that is accessible from the upstairs study and hall, as well as a custom designed front door. Mod 7 showcases a variety of materials including dark fascia stucco, wood paneling and corrugated metal sliding—adding an industrial feel to its otherwise modern look. The interiors stick to a sleek, simple style, but add pops of color and patterns when needed. Come on in, take a look inside!

We’re in love with the statement tile in the kitchen. It adds a nice pop to the simple, clean palette.

The built-in bookshelf was a must-have for our clients. They wanted to show off their hardcover collection and other unique pieces. We also think the blue couch contributes to this bright, happy living room.

A double sliding glass door allows the interior to flow right into the back patio, connecting the inside to the outside.

Crafted with steel and wood, the staircase adds a sleek, industrial touch to this modern home.

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